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Hemp Production Gets Major Support in New Jersey
Industrial hemp is currently produced in over 30 countries, but is illegal to grow in the United States. With the passage of legislation in both houses, New Jersey is in the process of legalizing the cultivation of hemp. Medical Jane reports that the bill went through the New Jersey Senate by a 37-0 unanimous count. The Assembly approved the measure by a vote of 65-8... - 1/17/2014

Two States Move To Nullify Hemp: One Moves For Marijuana
Tennessee and South Carolina are both moving this legislative season to nullify the federal ban on hemp. Last month South Carolina introduced SB0839, which would effectively nullify the federal ban on hemp. The bill would “provide that it is lawful to grow industrial hemp in this state; to clarify that industrial hemp is excluded from the definition of marijuana; to prohibit growing industrial hemp and marijuana on the same property or otherwise growing marijuana in close proximity to industrial hemp to disguise the marijuana growth; and to define necessary terms..." - 1/09/2014

Could hemp help clean up Kentucky's coal industry?
Industrial hemp could be a boon to Appalachian areas struggling with a declining coal industry, according to a report. The Kentucky and West Virginia hemp growers cooperatives said in the report that combining dry hemp "hurds" with high-sulphur coal can reduce power-plant emissions, the Herald-Leader reported... - 1/09/2014

Higher Hopes for Hemp
The phony justification for banning hemp because someone might secretly grow pot makes even less sense than it did before Colorado and Washington State legalized marijuana. Take a moment and look around you. Look up. The sky hasn’t fallen, has it? People in Colorado are buying marijuana — legally — and civilization hasn’t come crashing to its knees.... - 1/09/2014

Will these initiatives take pot to the people?
With Colorado and Washington state moving ahead with legal recreational use of marijuana, will California – the first state to establish a medical marijuana system – soon be joining the party? Several marijuana activists are seeking to ride on the momentum of those states, California’s supportive poll numbers and the lower advertising costs of a non-presidential election year by asking voters in November to approve broader legal use of the drug... 1/08/2014

Bottled Up: How To Make Homemade Hemp Milk
Whether almond, hemp or hazelnut, nut ‘milks‘ are here to stay. What was once a vegan-only trend for those in search of non-dairy solutions to their lactose-indifferent ways, nut milks like Pressed Juicery’s Spiced Almond and this homemade version of hemp milk are so delicious, people on diets of every shape and size are getting hip to these delicious, nutritious drinks... - 1/06/2014

Hemp growers cooperatives' report touts crop's benefits to coal
Hemp plus coal could equal economic prosperity for Appalachia, according to a new white paper released Wednesday by the Kentucky and West Virginia hemp growers cooperatives... - 1/08/2014

Cooking with cannabis – a new culinary high?
Once a novelty ingredient, hemp is being incorporated by more and more chefs into their culinary repertoire. But does it really have a place on the dinner table?... - 1/07/2014