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100% Hemp Hurds, American Grown, Bulk Pricing

<B>ORDER#: F-H15-PALLET</B> <BR>100% Hemp Hurds, American Grown, Bulk Pricing
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Price is per pallet
Our Price: $360.00

100% American Hemp Hurds, Production Pricing

Hemp hurds are also known as hemp "shives" or hemp "core" fiber. This is the woody, inner part of the hemp stalk which is left over when the bark fiber is removed. The inner fibers of hemp are more woody, and are more often used in non-woven items and other industrial applications. These fibers look like wood chips, but are much lighter and more absorbent.

This size of hemp hurds are the correct size for manufacturing hempcrete.

Pallet Dimensions are as follows;

600 lbs. @ $0.60/lb. of Hurds = $360

Each Pallet Contains 2 large bags @ 300 lbs. per bag.
Pallet Length: 48"
Pallet Width: 48"
Pallet Height: 95"

Total weight of pallet prepared to ship will be approximately 645 lbs.

A 53' Tractor Trailer will hold 24 Pallets: 14,400 lbs.@ $0.50/lb.)

Price does not include freight which is calculated separately. Please call our office to get current freight rates.