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Hemp is being utilized in ever expanding products. The companies on this list are customers of Hemp Traders and are successfully incorporating hemp into their line. From pets to babies, backpacks to chairs, hemp is making its way into the mainstream.

Bean Products

Environmentally Friendly, healthy for you and our planet, the products we make are handcrafted utilizing sustainable resources such as Organic Cottons, Hemp, Kapok, Buckwheat hulls, Natural Latex and Recycled Poly fiber. Choices that are healthy and safe for you and our planet. Who we are... Bean Products, Inc. is an environmentally sustainable and socially conscious small business located in Chicago Illinois and dedicated to environmentally sustainable manufacturing of well designed, useful, long-lasting products having a minimal impact on our environment. Living his eco-conscious commitment, Bean Products founder Chuck Blumenthal takes a moment on a hemp bean bag chair, while comfortably dressed in a shirt of hemp and flax, hemp pants, belt, socks and shoes. Our Founder Chuck Blumenthal and the talented team at Bean Products began by creating the first and finest body pillow called the Sleeping Bean body pillow back in 1987.

Organic Hemp Cotton BlanketsiLoveBAD

Motivated from their need for aesthetically beautiful, high-quality, organically natural & non-toxic essentials, one of ilovebad's several purposes is to develop and make available such alternative essentials as hemp blankets, underwear, tees, bras, etc. for a growing market of people that demands it. On top of that effort, they also aim to offset the growing population of distorted minds by living and inspiring others of a forgotten set of values they've learned be quite harmonious to nature; a non-disciminating, unconditional energy that appreciates both the good and the "bad" in people and things. Hence, the perceivably "bad" hemp has chosen them as one of its many ambassadors.

Sweet Skins

"Sweet Skins is a minority women owned eco-clothing Company. Designer and mother of four, Mira Fannin started the company over ten years ago selling at the Saturday Market in Eugene Oregon. There was such a demand for the classic simplicity and wearability of the designs that the obvious choice was to keep going... "

Violet Star

"Welcome to Violet Star Creations! I love to make beautiful, comfortable and versatile designs that flatter the human form. Everything is made to order according to your size and color choices for the perfect fit. Thanks for looking and I hope you find something you love..."

KellyGreen Organics

"In 2004, we began making the highest quality organic bedding in Ashland, Oregon using only the finest organic fabrics and Eco Wool in our manufacturing process..."

Blue Fish Clothing

"At Blue Fish, we use organic fibers, recycled cottons, and other natural fibers such as hemp, linen, and silk blends. A lot of our buttons are hand made, vintage, or recycled. It's a step toward a people and planet friendly style of clothing. ( - organic farming means relying on what mother nature gives you. )
In 1995 we first learned of the damaging effect of traditionally grown cotton on a global scale, and we changed our production habits immediately. We began to use organically grown cotton materials whenever possible. We are happy to do our part to help support a healthier people and planet."

Niagara Hemp Company Inc.

"Niagara Hemp Company Inc. is the first of its kind in the Niagara region. We are currently constructing our website as we finalize our lease with store front retail location. We are starting with just a humble storefront and believe in providing you with the best quality 100% eco friendly hemp products."


"hempStar offers the finest, most durable Hemp Apparel & Accessories for Men & Women..."

Melrose House

"R. Tarlow Antiques opened on the secluded and sun-dappled Melrose Place in Los Angeles in 1976. For those lucky enough to find it, the shop was a sanctuary of impeccable antiques and eclectic pieces chosen from the most exclusive sources. Each item had a charm and a textured story that seemed to flow from the proprietor herself."


"Hemptopia was formed in 2005 to create hemp apparel designed around comfort, functionality, durability and sustainability. We focus on the beneficial properties of hemp and design our products to hold a higher level of serviceability to you and our mother "Earth" We also specialize in hemp promotional material including hemp t-shirts, hemp hats, and hemp tote bags to have your logo printed on or embroidered on. View some of our customers here: Hemp Services Bringing you strong, durable, and eco-friendly hemp products in a contemporary style. We are as much about comfort and functionality as we are about style and the earth friendly production of our products. We hope you enjoy what we have to offer and follow us on our mission for a new future in hemp apparel…..."


Recreator is an active lifestyle brand specializing in hemp. We make clothes that deliver on the responsiveness and natural durability of the hemp fiber. Adventures deserve gear fit for the task...


At BabeeGreens our mission is to provide a safe, economical and green diaper alternative. We are committed to setting a new standard that helps our global community reverse the negative effects diaper manufacturing has had on our environment, in order to create "A Better World for Babies."


Hempmania's mission is to promote the use of hemp as an eco friendly renewable material for hand bags and accessories. It is our hope, that by offering hemp as an eco friendly alternative, we can make a difference in protecting the future of our planet...

Prairie Underground

Davora Lindner Davora is co-designer and head of marketing. Her previous work as a sculptor maintained an ongoing dialogue with contemporary fashion and design... Camilla Eckersley Camilla is co-designer and head of production. She has worked in the apparel industry for over nine years...

Aquarian Bath

Aquarian Bath is a family owned company in Daytona Beach, Florida. Cory Trusty (herbalist extraordinaire) and Scott Johnson (technical polymath) are the down to Earth proprietors of Aquarian bath. Our other family business is a research and development organization focused on solar computing, SolarNetOne. The AquarianBath.com website runs on just 3 Watts of solar power, leveraging some of the most efficient technology available to minimize its power footprint. This is just one of the ways we are trying to keep our business clean and green...


At le gracieux, great care and time has been devoted to producing a line of fine printed linens that possess a look and feel of antiquity. We use hand made materials and procedures that have been employed through the ages...


JungMaven dreams of a greener world. We have been challenging the status quo since 1993 because we believe a better future is possible. Our goal at Jungmaven is to get everyone a hemp t-shirt by 2020.

Peter Fasano

Hand-silkscreened, hand-painted fabrics and wallcoverings in an eclectic mix of designs.

For over 30 years, Peter Fasano has been making beautiful hand-painted and hand silk-screened fabrics and wall coverings.
Peter believes that design and pattern can be found anywhere and everywhere. Our collection of fabrics and wallcoverings reflect this eclecticism. Florals; geometrics; traditionals; whimsical patterns; - you name the category, we have a design. Stripes of every imaginable variety round-out the collection. The inspiration comes from everywhere, but the product always reflects Peter's own original twist.

Gaia Conceptions

All Gaia Conceptions clothing is designed by artist Andrea who uses only certified organic cotton, wool, and hemp. Our passion for sustainable design has inspired simple yet multifunctional pieces rooted in ethical production from start to finish.


Introducing the farm fresh, always stylish, eminently approachable, intriguing feel of texture. Welcome to the look of understated hip, with a contemporary flair and old world integrity. Delightfully different, texture combines fabulous fabrics and dynamic, clean design to create simple, functional clothing with spice.

Orchestrated by Teresa Remple and born of a desire to craft clothing with soul, texture creates clothing looking for people who don't rely on their label to introduce them. Enter texture stage left. Think gypsy vibe and travel savvy with the ease of real world living built in. Distinctly different women - no vanilla: apply within..


Groceries Apparel is a vertically integrated manufacturer, distributer and wholesaler based in the arts district of downtown Los Angeles. We are a pioneering green company because we only use certified organic ingredients and we price our garments to compete with conventionally sourced fabrics.Wholly committed to chemical free and renewably sourced textiles, we are constantly integrating new, greener practices into our sourcing and manufacturing processes. We are 100% Made in Los Angeles and we provide fair wages and benefits to our employees. All of the manufacturing, sourcing, shipping, customer service and creative aspects of our business support our local economy, neighbors and ecosystem...


BabyKicks is a family owned and operated business located on Maryland's beautiful eastern shore. Since our beginnings in October 2000 we have been dedicated to designing and making modern cloth diapers and baby accessories with the best natural and organic materials available.

Today BabyKicks products are available in over 15 countries (and on 3 continents) around the world and the list just keeps on growing!

BabyKicks: gentle on baby, gentle on the environment...

Honest Pet Products

Honest Pet Products produces cat and dog toys and accessories made from natural, safe, and durable materials...

Earthdog manufactures the finest, eco friendly hemp products for your dogs, made in the USA. Shop comfortable, durable & stylish collars, leashes and more.

Comfortable Adventures

Our mission is to produce low impact, high comfort hemp goods to modern outdoors womxn in the pursuit of comfortable adventure. Powered by hemp, we’re taking a natural approach to adventure apparel with the focus on sustainability, transparency and inclusion.