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The fabrics in this category have been reduced in price for various reasons. Close-out fabrics are reduced because Hemp Traders will no longer carry them once they have sold out. Other deals are due to certain flaws or defects in the material. Such flaws might be stains, holes, or loose threads. These fabrics can be used for smaller items where constancy of yardage is not required. Customers have the opportunity to cut around such imperfections, creating perfect items at a lower cost. They differ from the hemp scraps in that the pieces are not small and may compose many yards or entire rolls of fabric..

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<B>ORDER#: SCRAP-K</B> <BR>Knit hemp scraps ORDER#: SCRAP-K
Knit hemp scraps
Retail Price: $5.00
(Out of Stock)
<B>ORDER#: SCRAP-W</B> <BR>Woven hemp scraps ORDER#: SCRAP-W
Woven hemp scraps
Retail Price: $6.00
(Out of Stock)