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Renewable resource

As an annual crop with an incredible growth rate, not only is hemp renewable, but it can provide all the fibers we need to preserve our natural resources.

sequesters carbon

Photosynthesis turns CO2 into cellulose while releasing oxygen into our atmosphere. Hemp absorbs more CO2 per acre than any other agricultural crop.

uses less water

Using a drip irrigation system, hemp uses 20% less water per acre compared to cotton. Hemp’s deep roots seep water far below the surface.


There is no need to apply any herbicides since hemp’s incredible growth rate outcompetes all weeds.

No Pesticides

Hemp promotes an abundant ecosystem for helpful insects like ladybugs and bees who thrive on a crop which doesn’t require any pesticides.

Sustainable Alternative

Hemp can lighten our dependence on wood, cotton & petroleum based products. Allowing nature to regenerate our forests and providing safer alternatives to plastics.


At the end of their life, products made from hemp return to the earth. Cellulose fibers typically decay within weeks or months, providing nutrients back to the soil.