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Engineered Wood Products

Hemp hurds can be used as a valuable raw material in the production of various engineered wood products, contributing to the sustainability and versatility of the wood industry.By incorporating hemp hurds into the production of these engineered wood products, manufacturers can reduce their reliance on traditional timber resources, promote sustainability, and create eco-friendly building materials with a range of applications in construction, furniture manufacturing, and more.



Hemp hurds can be processed into fine particles or fibers using mechanical or chemical methods.

Adhesive: Common adhesives used in this process include formaldehyde-free binders like soy-based or phenol-formaldehyde resing
Pressing: The mixture is formed into boards under high pressure and temperature. During this process, the adhesive cures and binds the hemp hurds together.

Benefits: Hempboard is a lightweight and durable engineered wood product that can be used for various applications, including furniture, cabinetry, and interior wall paneling. It is known for its environmental friendliness and low emission of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF)

Hemp hurds are finely processed and combined with adhesives to create a homogeneous mixture.

Adhesive: The adhesive used in MDF production is typically a resin, such as urea-formaldehyde, which binds the fibers together.

Forming Sheets: The mixture is then formed into dense sheets under heat and pressure.

Benefits: Hemp hurds can enhance the sustainability of MDF by replacing some of the wood fibers traditionally used in the process. MDF made with hemp hurds maintains the strength and versatility of traditional MDF while reducing the demand for timber resources.

Engineered Lumber Products

Hemp hurds can be incorporated into engineered lumber products as a component within the core layers, providing additional strength and reducing the demand for solid wood.

Adhesive: Strong and durable adhesives are used to bond the layers of wood or wood composites together.

Benefits: Hemp hurds contribute to the sustainability and structural performance of engineered lumber products, offering a greener alternative to solid wood in construction applications.

Plywood Substrates

Hemp hurds can be integrated into the core layers of plywood panels, replacing traditional wood veneers.

Adhesive: Adhesives used in plywood production are selected for their strength and durability, such as phenol-formaldehyde or melamine-formaldehyde resins.

Benefits: Hemp hurds can be used to create sustainable plywood substrates that maintain the structural integrity of traditional plywood while reducing the reliance on timber resources.

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