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Washing We can wash all of our fabrics to remove a majority of the shrinkage and soften the hand. Tubular knits may also be split if requested. The minimum order to wash is 200 yards per style, and the added cost to the price is $2.00/yd

Dyeing All our fabrics may be dyed to any color our customers require. We use only low impact dyes and dyeing methods. If we dye in Los Angeles, the minimum is 200 yards per color per style. The time to dye will take about 2 weeks. The cost is $3.00/yd. for lightweight fabrics up to 9oz., and $4.00/yd for heavy fabrics 10oz. and heavier. If we dye in China, the minimum is 500 yards per color per style, the time is about 8 weeks and the cost is $1.00/yd

Water Repellent In its natural state, hemp is very water absorbent. Therefore we can treat our hemp fabric with a water repellent if needed. This is absorbed into the fabric making it extremely water resistant. This treatment does not alter the look or feel of the material. It is water based and is safe for people, animals, and the environment. But once treated, the material cannot be washed and must be dry cleaned to maintain its water repellant properties. The minimum order for this is 35 yards. The time is about 1 week, and the cost is $3.60/yd

Fire Retardant Natural hemp is not fire resistant, it will burn like cotton. Some home and industrial uses legally require the material to be treated with a flame retardant. The absorbent nature of hemp works well to absorb this treatment making it extremely fire retardant. The minimum order for this service is 35 yards. The time is about 1 week, and the cost is $3.60/yd

List of Dyers and Washers and Printers in the Los Angeles Area If you would like to work with our dyers and washers directly to save on costs, please feel free to contact them directly.

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