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Everything in my shop is constructed by me - An eclectic collection of jewelry and gifts. Inspired by my travels and presented by my dreams. I consider myself an explorer of techniques, which reflects in the many different offerings found in my shop. I am the Blue Lotus, constantly re-blooming. Ever evolving as an artist, my most favorite materials have definitely remained constant. Hemp and other sustainable resources are an essential element of my style. I always strive to find another way to look at things. I comb beaches. I treasure hunt. I gather inspiration in my favorite places. The items in my shop are created in North Fork, the exact center of California in the Sierra Nevada mountains.


"hempStar offers the finest, most durable Hemp Apparel & Accessories for Men & Women..."


"Hemptopia was formed in 2005 to create hemp apparel designed around comfort, functionality, durability and sustainability. We focus on the beneficial properties of hemp and design our products to hold a higher level of serviceability to you and our mother "Earth" We also specialize in hemp promotional material including hemp t-shirts, hemp hats, and hemp tote bags to have your logo printed on or embroidered on. View some of our customers here: Hemp Services Bringing you strong, durable, and eco-friendly hemp products in a contemporary style. We are as much about comfort and functionality as we are about style and the earth friendly production of our products. We hope you enjoy what we have to offer and follow us on our mission for a new future in hemp apparel…..."


Hempmania's mission is to promote the use of hemp as an eco friendly renewable material for hand bags and accessories. It is our hope, that by offering hemp as an eco friendly alternative, we can make a difference in protecting the future of our planet...

Aquarian Bath

Aquarian Bath is a family owned company in Daytona Beach, Florida. Cory Trusty (herbalist extraordinaire) and Scott Johnson (technical polymath) are the down to Earth proprietors of Aquarian bath. Our other family business is a research and development organization focused on solar computing, SolarNetOne. The AquarianBath.com website runs on just 3 Watts of solar power, leveraging some of the most efficient technology available to minimize its power footprint. This is just one of the ways we are trying to keep our business clean and green...