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Hemp Fiber For Yarn and Textiles

The best quality hemp fibers are used for making yarns and textiles. 100% hemp yarns are made using flax spinning equipment utilizing fibers which are 4" - 6" in length. Hemp blended yarns use cotton spinning equipment and utilize fibers which are 0.75" - 1.5" in length. Hemp Traders sells a variety of fibers which are either the raw materials needed at the start of this process or one of the intermediary steps.

The following steps are required in the process of transforming raw fiber to yarn.

Breaking and Scutching: The dried fibers are crushed and beaten to break the woody parts away and separate the valuable fibers.

Hackling: The fibers are further combed and aligned to remove impurities and create a smooth and consistent mass.

Drawing: The aligned fibers are drawn out and blended together using a drawing frame.

Roving: The drawn fibers are reduced into finer and more uniform strands called rovings.

Spinning: The rovings are spun into continuous yarn by twisting and winding them onto bobbins.

Throughout these steps, quality checks and treatments may be applied to ensure the resulting yarn meets desired standards. The specific machines and techniques used can vary based on the type of fiber and the scale of production.

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