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Violet Star

"Welcome to Violet Star Creations! I love to make beautiful, comfortable and versatile designs that flatter the human form. Everything is made to order according to your size and color choices for the perfect fit. Thanks for looking and I hope you find something you love..."

Melrose House

"R. Tarlow Antiques opened on the secluded and sun-dappled Melrose Place in Los Angeles in 1976. For those lucky enough to find it, the shop was a sanctuary of impeccable antiques and eclectic pieces chosen from the most exclusive sources. Each item had a charm and a textured story that seemed to flow from the proprietor herself."

KellyGreen Organics

"In 2004, we began making the highest quality organic bedding in Ashland, Oregon using only the finest organic fabrics and Eco Wool in our manufacturing process..."

iLoveBAD Organics

Motivated from their need for aesthetically beautiful, high-quality, organically natural & non-toxic essentials, one of ilovebad's several purposes is to develop and make available such alternative essentials as hemp blankets, underwear, tees, bras, etc. for a growing market of people that demands it. On top of that effort, they also aim to offset the growing population of distorted minds by living and inspiring others of a forgotten set of values they've learned be quite harmonious to nature; a non-disciminating, unconditional energy that appreciates both the good and the "bad" in people and things. Hence, the perceivably "bad" hemp has chosen them as one of its many ambassadors.


At le gracieux, great care and time has been devoted to producing a line of fine printed linens that possess a look and feel of antiquity. We use hand made materials and procedures that have been employed through the ages...

Peter Fasano

Hand-silkscreened, hand-painted fabrics and wallcoverings in an eclectic mix of designs.

For over 30 years, Peter Fasano has been making beautiful hand-painted and hand silk-screened fabrics and wall coverings.
Peter believes that design and pattern can be found anywhere and everywhere. Our collection of fabrics and wallcoverings reflect this eclecticism. Florals; geometrics; traditionals; whimsical patterns; - you name the category, we have a design. Stripes of every imaginable variety round-out the collection. The inspiration comes from everywhere, but the product always reflects Peter's own original twist.