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Natural Hemp Twine is one of our most popular products made from hemp. The most frequent uses of hemp twine is knotting through the practice of macramé to create hemp jewelry. Hemp jewelry includes bracelets, necklaces, anklets, rings, watches and other adornments. It may be used for other numerous applications such a clothes line, binding parcels, nets, whipping the end of a rope, crafts, toys for pets, tethering a kite, netting for a basketball hoop or a hockey goal.
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<B>ORDER#: TWINEBALL-1MM-12 PACK</B> <BR>100% Hemp Twine, 1mm, Assorted 12-Pack <B>ORDER#: TWINE-5MM</B> <BR>100% Hemp Twine, 5mm <B>ORDER#: TWINEBALL-4MM</B> <BR>100% Hemp Twine, 4mm
<B>ORDER#: TWINE-1MM-WAXED</B> <BR>100% Hemp  Twine, 1mm, Waxed <B>ORDER#: TWINEBALL-3MM</B> <BR>100% Hemp Twine, 3mm <B>ORDER#: TWINEBALL-2MM</B> <BR>100% Hemp Twine, 2mm
<B>ORDER#: TWINEBALL-1MM-RASTA</B> <BR>100% Hemp Twine, 1mm, Rasta <B>ORDER#: TWINEBALL-1MM-DYED</B> <BR>100% Hemp Twine, 1mm, Dyed <B>ORDER#: TWINEBALL-0.5MM</B> <BR>100% Hemp Twine, .5mm
<B>ORDER#: TWINEBALL-1MM</B> <BR>100% Hemp Twine, 1mm <B>ORDER#: SPT</B> <BR>Sample Hemp Twine <B>ORDER#: CORD1</B> <BR>100% Hemp, 5.6mm cord