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Sweet Skins

"Sweet Skins is a minority women owned eco-clothing Company. Designer and mother of four, Mira Fannin started the company over ten years ago selling at the Saturday Market in Eugene Oregon. There was such a demand for the classic simplicity and wearability of the designs that the obvious choice was to keep going... "

The Hemp Cooperative

Counseling. Community. Contrast. "In Hemp We Trust." “it is because i was not raised a holistic person that i made it my life's mission to change this world to one that would appreciate the laws of the Universe. i sure hope the things we do, touch and say reach the homes of all of those who could use a more understanding reality.” -jxondany


Recreator is an active lifestyle brand specializing in hemp. We make clothes that deliver on the responsiveness and natural durability of the hemp fiber. Adventures deserve gear fit for the task...

Natural High Lifestyle

A company with a purpose, Natural High has set out to redefine the way we as individuals spend our time, and how we as a collective manage the limited resources of planet earth...

Drawing influence from California culture, we focus on three essential elements:
yoga lifestyle, surf culture, environmental awareness
Our mission is to continue to raise awareness regarding the importance of choosing sustainable, renewable, and biodegradable resources, while inspiring consciousness through surfing, yoga and meditation. We are confident you will enjoy living the Natural High Lifestyle...


Groceries Apparel is a vertically integrated manufacturer, distributer and wholesaler based in the arts district of downtown Los Angeles. We are a pioneering green company because we only use certified organic ingredients and we price our garments to compete with conventionally sourced fabrics.Wholly committed to chemical free and renewably sourced textiles, we are constantly integrating new, greener practices into our sourcing and manufacturing processes. We are 100% Made in Los Angeles and we provide fair wages and benefits to our employees. All of the manufacturing, sourcing, shipping, customer service and creative aspects of our business support our local economy, neighbors and ecosystem...


Introducing the farm fresh, always stylish, eminently approachable, intriguing feel of texture. Welcome to the look of understated hip, with a contemporary flair and old world integrity. Delightfully different, texture combines fabulous fabrics and dynamic, clean design to create simple, functional clothing with spice.

Orchestrated by Teresa Remple and born of a desire to craft clothing with soul, texture creates clothing looking for people who don't rely on their label to introduce them. Enter texture stage left. Think gypsy vibe and travel savvy with the ease of real world living built in. Distinctly different women - no vanilla: apply within..

Gaia Conceptions

All Gaia Conceptions clothing is designed by artist Andrea who uses only certified organic cotton, wool, and hemp. Our passion for sustainable design has inspired simple yet multifunctional pieces rooted in ethical production from start to finish.


JungMaven dreams of a greener world. We have been challenging the status quo since 1993 because we believe a better future is possible. Our goal at Jungmaven is to get everyone a hemp t-shirt by 2020.