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Woven hemp scraps

<B>ORDER#: SCRAP-W</B> <BR>Woven hemp scraps
Price is per pound
Retail Price: $6.00


Woven hemp scraps are pieces of woven hemp fabric which have small flaws or dirt marks which makes them unsuitable for apparel or larger items. They can be either natural or dyed.  They can easily be cut-up into smaller items which don't require consistency.  These scraps are usually between .25 - 4 yards depending upon the weight of the fabric.  Woven hemp scraps are very popular with pattern makers and home sewers due to their low cost and variety.  Please note that scraps are chosen at random and there is no way to selectively choose the fabrics. But if you would like to visit our warehouse in Los Angeles, we will be happy to let you sort through our fabrics yourself.