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Industrial Hemp Seed Oil, One Liter

One Liter Industrial Hemp Seed Oil
Price is per liter
Retail Price: $16.00


The oil pressed from the hemp seed which is not processed for food is referred to as "Industrial Hemp Seed Oil". This oil has many uses, most often being used as body oil for soaps, lotions, lip balm, and shampoo. But that is only the beginning. Hemp seed oil has a long history of industrial applications. Hemp was the perfect source for a natural based drying oil. For thousands of years, virtually all good paints and varnishes were made with hemp seed oil. Hemp seed oil was also widely used as lighting oil, up until the late 19th century. It burns evenly and is even capable of powering a diesel engine. Use hemp seed oil and say goodbye to petroleum! The long chain saturated and unsaturated fatty acids which constitute the oil make an excellent chemical precursor to other industrial compounds.