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70% Organic Cotton 30% Hemp, Ring Spun Machine Yarn

70% Organic Cotton / 30% Hemp Ring Spun 30S Yarn
Price is for one sample spool. Each spool is approximately 2.2 pounds.
Production price is $6.65 per pound ($14.66 per KG). Please see our wholesale price list for details.
Retail Price: $34.00


70% Organic Cotton, 30% Hemp Ring Spun Machine Yarn 30s
This machine yarn can be used in both knitting and weaving machines. It is used to make our muslins and our knit fabrics. We are now offering this yarn to manufacturers who wish to develop their own textiles.
Size: 30s

Technical Specifications
Metric Count: 50nm, Tex Count: 20, Cotton Count: 30s, Denier Count: 177. There is approximately 54,000 meters of yarn on this cone.