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Han-J6 - Chinese Fibe/Grain Planting Seed

<B>ORDER#: SEED-04E</B> <BR>Han-J6 - Chinese Fibe/Grain Planting Seed
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Hemp Traders is pleased to offer official fiber/grain variety hemp planting seed. These are live, viable hemp seeds which can be cultivated by farmers as an industrial hemp fiber crop or as a grain crop. These seeds are from China and are the strain Han-J6. They are suited for latitudes 33-41 degrees. Flowering on this variety is earlier than other varieties, usually flowering at the end of July or early August at a latitude of 36 degrees.

These are free genetics and do not require any non-propagation agreements.

Variety Latitude Monocious/Dioecious THC Fiber/Grain
Han-J6 33 - 41 Dioecious 0.2% - 0.3% Fiber/Grain

Latitude is very important. Make sure your location fits within the latitude specified or you may get plants that flower one month after sprouting.

Seeding rates for Fiber
75 pounds per acre. R
ecommended planting between April through June. 8-12' feet tall males and females. Harvest at the end of July . Flowering begins usually in August.

Seeding Rates for Grain
25-35 pounds per acre. Plant between May though early June. Flowering begins in late August and seeds are ready to harvest in September through October.

Storage conditions
50°F, 10°C • 40% humidity
Storage >1 year: Freeze

Industrial hemp is defined as cannabis having 0.3% or less THC in the leaves and flowers. Please note these seeds are not certified and should be harvested for fiber prior to flowering to avoid levels of THC above 0.3%. If growing for grain/seeds, THC levels begin to drop once the flowers are fertilized and seed production commences.

Please call our office if you would like to order seeds for the 2024 planting season. 213-677-2997.

Total Seeds per pound: 24,000

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