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HempCrete Binder, 50 lbs bag
HempCrete Binder, 50 lbs bag
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Hempcrete Binder is a natural mineral binding agent. This proprietary binder known as “Fifth Element” does not contain any cement, sand or hydraulic lime. Made with hydrated lime, it is specially formulated for use in conjunction with hemp hurds and water to produce a 100% natural hemp insulation. This product can be used as a construction material and is more generally known as hempcrete.

The formula for using this product with hemp hurds and water is as follows:
Fifth Element Binder: 50 lbs.
Hemp Hurds: 33 lbs.
Water: 8-9 gallons

There are numerous benefits to using Fifth Element binder

1. The binder is manufactured using local resources. 🌿The binder is produced in US using American ingredients.

2. Lower carbon emissions. No need to bring the ingredients from outside the country. 🙃

3. 100% natural ingredients! No cement.

4. A proven track record. Fifth Element has been produced over eight years and the formula is constantly being improved.

5. Simple to use. Even children can work with hempcrete made from this binder.

6. You can produce very light hempcrete with Fifth Element. We are talking densities of: 250-260 kg /m3 - 16 lb/ ft3 meaning that you would use less binder per M3 or CuFt of hempcrete and save money.💰💰💰

7. Very light weight hempcrete means higher R value and thermal performance of hempcrete. 🏠